24 Jun 2013


Well I was looking for a Sewalong  after missing the recent pajama party and so I have decided that it will be Hawthorn.  I am extremely nervous as I have never done a sewalong but will be brave and see how it goes.  My thoughts so far are sleeveless. Look out for updates as I venture into the world of sewalong and wish me luck.  I am very much a beginner but having completed not one but two Laurels feel that I should be fine especially as it is a Colette pattern.  So who's joining me?  Have you got a fabric in mind? Let me know so I can follow your progress too.

22 Jun 2013

Sewaholic Alma Muslin/Toile

Sewaholic Alma
I know most people start their sewing life with a skirt (something simple) or dress (something wow).  Some even start with something for the home - curtains, cushion cover, heritage style quilt. I started with Sewaholic's Alma.  I'm not sure why I chose this pattern but it a very popular choice for many.

For those who are not aware Sewaholic are a fabulous pattern house from Vancouver, Canada and designed by the very talented Tasia.  She designs  "sewing patterns for the modern seamstress".  Maybe it was that idea that took me to buy Alma.  By modern I took it to mean somebody with no sewing experience.  Isn't that a definition of "modern" I also quite like the idea of being a seamstress, much more exciting and romantic than a tailor or dressmaker.

There are many examples of Alma in the blogosphere.  The pattern can be adapted so offers great value, with different arm length, neckline and waist details.  I have never worn/bought a peter pan collar but thought this would be a good opportunity to try and paired it with elbow length sleeve. I had an old piece of cotton sheeting and thought i would make a muslin from this to check the sizing.

The pattern was very easy to follow and it came together well.  There were of course a few problems but this is a muslin and so I will sort these out next time round but the fit was good without need for adjustments.  I really like the length of the blouse and the overall shape of the bodice.  This pattern will be made again and I would recommend it.

Skills that I learnt on this project
Check out how straight those seams are!!
Well this is my first ever sewing project so pretty much everything from cutting out pattern and fabric to using a sewing machine.  This pattern allows development of some really useful skills especially concealed zips and setting sleeves.  Really they are not to be scared of with so many useful video tutorials online even I was able to do them. The Coletterie zipper tutorial was watched over and over.  I am stupidly impressed that my sleeves are the same length ( it is the simple things...).  The zip is far from concealed but it does up.  The sleeves are not too bumpy and wearable. Overall, as a first garment, I am very proud and happy, and have learnt sooooo much.

For next time... Well as it turns out I don't really suit peter pan collars and I'm thinking cap sleeves are also more me.  What I love about this is by sewing items I am learning so much about my own personal style and becoming more active in the clothes I choose to wear.

Problems with my sewing - most definitely not the pattern
The collar is not centered
-  how did that happen?

The importance of matching
zips and fabric

Next up the finished floral Alma...

20 Jun 2013

Several false starts but here we go...

I am not very good with writing this blog but hope to be more prolific from now on.  I have thought about why I was not blogging and it not because I wasn't sewing or that I didn't have time.  I have decided that it was because I am actually shy.  Awwww. This came as a shock to me as I'm normally considered to be a very confident person.  But seriously the idea of posting photos of myself online is quite daunting and this has been stopping me from posting the items I have made.  This blog was supposed to be a way of recording my sewing journey and all the things I have made.  A gallery/diary of my progress and something I should be proud of. So  I will be adding photos soon but for the meanwhile on my very new and beautiful Lady Valet until I'm feeling more confident.

What was I hoping to achieve this year...
When I decided to start sewing my own clothes it was because, like many others, I wanted clothes that fit.  My aim was to sew 12 garments in 12 months.  I also wanted to only use independent pattern designers. The list I started with in January has changed as new patterns have been added that I simply wanted to try.

1. Colette Ginger Navy Corduroy
2. Sewaholic Alma Floral
3. Sewahloic Minoru
4. Tillys Mathilde Navy spot
5. Colette Laurel dress
6. Colette Peony dress
7. Colette Hazel dress
8. Sew Liberated Clara dress
9. Sew Liberated Skinny jeans
10. A hoodie top - forgotten where this was from
11. Sewaholic Renfrew
12. Colette Clover or something similar

Let me know what you think and if you know which pattern  number 10 is.
Look forward to your comments and thank you for stopping by.  My next post will be about Sewaholic's Alma.  Hope to see you soon

Also I am wanting to follow a current sewalong, any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated