31 Jan 2013

Really busy week but no sewing

I have had a few deliveries of fabric and also some pinking shears but my tracing wheel has not turned up yet.  I really want to start of a navy corduroy Ginger as I think it will be much easier than Alma.  I'm hoping for a nice quick project next.  Also I really really want to use my Liberty print but that's for the second Ginger. Fingers crossed  I will get them for the weekend as it would be good to get going again.

I have seen a book that I would like as well that some people have used to help with fitting.  Let me know what you think of it if you have it as I am tempted to ask for it for my birthday.  It called
Fit for Real People: Sew Great Clothes Using ANY Pattern.

I have also got to find some time a post some photos of my final Alma muslin so you can see what I was talking about last week.

Last thing - I am thinking about printable patterns - especially Mathilde  There are some beautiful versions on the gallery and I think i will copy take inspiration from some of them.  Also an excellent tutorial on printable patterns.  Well done Tilly

24 Jan 2013

My week in Sewing. Wow what a busy week.

Well lots to report on this week.

I ordered some lovely fabrics (more on this later) and started my first project, Sewaholic's Alma blouse.  Looking at other blogs I was under the impression that this would take me (a complete beginner) a weekend.

Cautiously I began on Friday.  Starting with trying to work out my measurements and using measurement chart found through Tilly's Blog by Miss P. Once I worked out my measurements I decided to go for the 8 and started to cut my pattern and fabric.  The fabric I was using was an old cotton valance as this was going to be a muslin.

On Saturday I started sewing.  Cue first problem. My darts were awful I didn't know how to do a dart and I had to do 6.  After some Google research i found this video and was able to complete my 6 darts.  I also found a video on how to use a seam ripper as i was spending a lot of time ripping seems in a very inefficient way.

Sunday I made the collar - I didn't have any interfacing but this is a run through so didn't worry to much and was very happy with the shape of the collar. Especially how it met in the middle.  Not sure that I'm a peter pan collar kinda girl though so may try doing the other two collars in the real version.

Monday ordered an invisible zip from.

Tuesday Zip arrived and went about the complex and counter intuitive process of invisible zippers.  Used the Colleterie video to help me. First attempt was really good on one side and not the other.  I had gone over the teeth of the zip and the zip would not do up.  Hadn't realized to switch the position of my needle and had gone over the zip.  Used the seam ripper and tried again.  This time better, the zip goes up but is far from invisible   Used the seam ripper again

Wednesday, tried again with the zip.  third time and this much better almost invisible.  Will leave this now and move on to the sleeves.  Used this video on seam easing.  Then used this video on sleeve finishing.  I have at the moment one sleeve on the muslin.  I also have another sleeve ready to put on today and I need to hem the bottom.  Hopefully then first make has taken ,just one week.  Look forward to trying on when its complete.

My thoughts on this pattern.
This is advertised as an intermediate pattern.  I wish I had started with something easier to begin with...but I have learnt some really good skills this week and am confident that I could make this pattern again.

What went well
1. The sizing is good
2. The darts were easier than I thought they would be
3. The invisible zip is a challenge but definitely worth it
4. Sleeves were easier than I thought and made it feel like proper dressmaking

What I don't like
1.  I'm not sure that I'm a peter pan collar person
2. Plain fabric shows off your mistakes

What I will do next time
1. Use the same size
2. Choose an invisible zip to match the fabric
3. try the cap sleeve version
4. try the other two necklines
5. Use a patterned fabric


Yes I've been shopping.  With so many different fabric stores online it would be wrong to not try them all - wouldn't it?

Liberty print corduroy- Isla Rose-  Sewbox
Navy crepe backed satin - Fabric Godmother
Navy corduroy
Fusia floral viscose
Navy cotton poplin stars
Navy cotton poplin stripe- Remnant House

I'm now not allowed to buy any more fabric until I have used up this little stash.


Have bought some more patterns too.  Colettes peony pattern. McCalls 2401

I'm not allowed to buy any more patterns... well except maybe some trousers.

17 Jan 2013

New year New blog

Inspired by some lovely makes on Tilly's blog, I have decided to have a go.  I begrudge walking around stores trying on ill fitting clothes and feel that the time has come to make my own clothes.  I had tinkered with this idea two years ago but could not find fabrics or patterns that inspired me.  I have chosen to start a blog as a way of tracking my progress and a way of recording successes and pitfalls along the way.  I plan to post once a week. I have also seen the way bloggers support each other with ideas and really why wouldn't I want to be part of that. That's all for today. Thank you for reading.


Postie has been and the beautiful fabric and pattern that I bought from Sew Over It has arrived.  Nicely wrapped and exciting to open.  It contained Colette pattern Hazel for the summer, grey and white ditsy floral  chiffon and green and cream polka dot cotton. I have the Alma blouse pattern on order so I think I will make a spotty blouse first.  Also before I forget I have got the Cal Patch book and hope to work my way through it.  Need to source some navy blue corduroy for the basic skirt.